At Punk Penguin, we specialize in developing custom software solutions for your business. Listed below are a few completed products that you can buy for your website. These products can also be customized for your specific needs.

Please contact us if you would like to buy one of the products below or if you would like to discuss having a custom application developed for your business.

App Center: "App Center" is a secure and user friendly program that allows you to accept loan applications over the Internet.  The applications are transmitted securely using 128-bit SSL encryption and are stored in a secure database until you login to retrieve them.  Applications are marked as "new", "pending", "complete", or "deleted" so you can easily manage the status of each customer.

"App Center" can be customized to handle your particular loan application.  Whether your preference is a long, detailed application or a short, quick application, "App Center" is flexible enough to meet your needs.

If you use a desktop application to process your loans, it is possible for you to download the applications directly into that program if we can obtain the import layout from the developer of the product you're using.

Check out our demo to see if "App Center" is right for you.

(You can also add applications with this "online application")

Real Estate Listings Engine: Add, modify, delete, and display complete real estate listings with accompanying pictures on your website.  Your customers can search or browse listings and can even sign up for a guest account so they can save their favorite listings and searches.

Try the demo to see if the "Real Estate Listings Engine" is right for you.

Mortgage Amortization Program: After entering a "purchase price", "percentage down", "length of loan", and "interest rate", a complete amortization is displayed showing their monthly payment and a complete monthly amortization over the life of the loan.

Try out the "Mortgage Amortization Program" demo

Web Pager: The web pager is a webpage form that accepts information such as name, phone number, and a message.  That information is then sent to either your cell phone, e-mail, or both.  It's an excellent way to receive instant messages without requiring your cell phone number or e-mail address to be made public.

See it in action...

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