Punk Penguin, Inc., provides high quality software and web solutions at reasonable prices. We do these things creatively and efficiently. Our scope of service includes all phases of product development, from your first idea, well past the launch of your vision.

To understand what Punk Penguin means, let’s break it down into parts:

“an attitude, a way of life, emphasizing on individuality”

The penguin mascot was adopted by the Linux community to represent the free operating system, Linux. Linux is the most popular operating system for open source technologies that are used by our company. We adopted the penguin because we believe it is an excellent symbol to represent our dedication to using open source technologies to lower costs in the development of our products.

Now let’s put it back together:

Punk Penguin
Our dedication to providing high quality products at reasonable prices is often talked about by other companies, but they turn around and use expensive development tools/applications and then pass the costs onto you. It turns out that our dedication to these solutions makes us unique “individuals” in the marketplace.

Whether you need a high-end website or custom software written specifically for your business, we have a team of professionals that can provide fast, personalized, and competitively priced solutions.

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